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Blue Spot 20 PCE Cleaning & Polishing Set

Model Number: 19013

Price: £4.39

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Blue Spot 20 PCE Cleaning & Polishing Set


The Blue Spot 20PCE Cleaning and polishing set is perfect for retouching or finishing projects. The kit comes complete with polishing wheels, tips, & brushes to give the best finish.






Multipurpose kit with 7 different accessory pieces and additional brush heads for precision work.

Includes polishing brushes to give surfaces the perfect finish.



Includes polishing compound.


Spare mandrels for extended use.




3PCE 1" Felt Polishing Wheels.



1PCE Polishing Compound.


1PCE Felt Polishing Wheel with Shank.


1PCE 7/8" Nylon Brush.


1PCE 1/2" Nylon Brush.


1PCE 1/8" Nylon Brush.


1PCE 7/8" Steel Brush.


2PCE Mandrels.


2PCE 7/8" Emery Polishing Wheels.


1PCE Felt Polishing Tip.


6PCE 1/2" Felt Polishing Wheels.


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  • Manufactured by: Blue Spot

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